Vedran Mihletić

Vedran Mihletić
He graduated as a Film Director 1983. from Film, and Television Department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb. As a director and scriptwriter he made several TV features, all of them broadcast through the Croatian and European networks, some of them screened at international festivals. His first movie feature HAMBURG ALTONA won the Bronze Medal at former Yugoslav National Film Festival in Pula. As a producer/director he made more than a two hundred eighty commercials and corporate, several documentaries, experimental, educational, cartoon and children's programmes, mostly through the production company KULT FILM which he is the founder. He is founder of the Production Studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb. From 1997. he became regular professor, teaching at the mentioned Studies. He is a guest professor of the Multimedia Production at the Faculty of Computer and Engineering, University of Zagreb. He is member of the Croatian Producers Guild, Croatian Film Directors Guild, Croatian Association of Film and Croatian Association of Artists.


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10000 Zagreb
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1984. NEOBIČNI SAKO (Unusual Jacket), director: Vedran Mihletić, TV film, 50 minuta
1985. MIŠEVI VOLE ŠEĆERNE ŠTAPIĆE (Mouses like Candies), director: Vedran Mihletić, TV drama, 55 minuta
1987. CIAO, CIAO BAMBINA, director: Vedran Mihletić, TV film, 55 minuta
1988. HAMBURG ALTONA, directors: Dragutin Krencer, Vedran Mihletić, Mladen Mitrović, feature, 106 minuta
1999. SAN TISUĆU OTOKA (Dream of a Thousand Islands), director: Vedran Mihletić, touristic film, 60 minuta
2004. PROFESIJA: KAPETAN DUGE PLOVIDBE (Proffesion: Captain), director: Vedran Mihletić, documentary, 30 minuta
2005. PAUK (The Spider), director Ištvan Filaković, documentary, 30 minuta
2006. TVORNICA MISLI (Thought Factory), director: Vedran Mihletić, experimental, 20 minuta