Suzana Pandek

Suzana Pandek
I was born 1973 in Zagreb, studied journalism at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb. During the study, from 1992 to 1996 I worked as a journalist in children's program of HRT, specifically as the author of several articles of emissions ("Little big world", "Športerica", "What is happening to me?"). In parallel with work on HTV I write for EPH's Cosmopolitan. After HRT, my career continues on the television. In 1996, commit to work on TvMreža, first as a journalist for Glamour magazine tv coffee and now as a producer of the aforementioned shows. I stayed till closing TVMreže 1998. That same year I started working in an advertising agency BBDO in the Department of Public Relations and received diploma from the Faculty of Political Science thesis on copyright. I return to production in early 1999, in the production company PlanetB I began working as executive producer. Till 2007 remain in that position, and annually producing more than 40 commercials. In 2007 I continue to do promotional videos, develop scenarios and run projects embroidered with the film industry.


Ribnjak 32
10000 Zagreb
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