Marin Leo Janković

Marin Leo Janković
Marin Leo Janković graduated Production of Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb. During studies, he was the president of the ADA Student Union and also received three Rector's awards of the University of Zagreb. He gained production and organizational experience mainly by working on film festivals, film and advertising industry projects, and in addition he developed and implemented marketing strategies, public relations activities and the overall distribution of domestic and foreign titles for the needs of local cinema distribution. During the pandemic, he launched a new distribution platform for European independent film titles and the only possible public gathering - "Drive in culture", and with the position of director of the Tabor Film Festival he rounded up knowledge, experience and contacts in the cultural and creative industries.

2023 / Yogurt, Juice, Cigarettes  / Josip Lukić / short feature film / 26 min

2023 / Under the Carpet / Paško Vukasović / short feature film / 23 min

2020 / Nine Months / Josip Lukić / short feature film / 21 min

2019 / Summer Fruits / Josip Lukić / short feature film / 20 min

2019 / The Rex Will Sail In / Josip Lukić / short documentary film / 25 min

2017 / After Party / Viktor Zahtila / short documentary film / 22 min