Maja Vukić

Maja Vukić
I graduated from Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Department of film and TV editing. Since 1998 I work as a freelance as film editor, sound editor, production assistant, assistant director, script and continuity, assistant editor and location scout for companies: Croatian Television, Hrvatska televizija, Telefilm d.o.o., Maxima film d.o.o., Interfilm d.o.o., Družba d.o.o., Orlando film d.o.o., Studio „Phenomena“, Fade In. Since its foundation in 2003 I work in production company “4Film” from Zagreb, Croatia, during 7 years, I worked as executive producer on all “4Film”’s projects, which include fiction, documentary and animation films, awareness-raising and advertising campaigns, promotional and educational films, organisation of workshops and event management. From July 2010 till May 2011 I worked as producer in Fade In from Zagreb, Croatia. Since June 2011 I work as an executive producer in Interfilm, Zagreb. I am member of Croatian Producers Association.

Kriška 8
10000 Zagreb
Gsm:+385 (0)91 2545265

2013   The Projections, directed by Zrinko Ogresta, full-length-fiction film, 80min (in post-production)
2013   Not All About the Money, directed by Dario Pleić, full-length fiction film, 90min (in post-production)
2013   The Priest’s Children, directed by Vinko Brešan, full-length fiction film, 92min
2012   Sonja and the Bull, directed by Vlatka Vorkapic, full-length fiction film, 106min
2011    Cloud, directed by Miroslav Sikavica, full-length documentary film, 72min
2010   Some Other Stories - View From The Well, directed by Ivona Juka, short fiction film, 25min
2007   Mrs. Before, directed by Miroslav Sikavica, short film, 15min
2007   Bad Blue Boys, directed by Branko Schmidt, documentary, 18min
2006   Facing the Day, directed by Ivona Juka, feature documentary, 72 min