Magdalena Petrović

Magdalena Petrović
Magdalena Petrovic (1973) obtained her degree in Drama, Art and Music Studies (DAMS) at Bologna University (Italy). She worked as TV journalist, producer of documentaries, promo films and TVC. From 2006 till 2010 she was producer and managing director of the production studio Fade Inin Zagreb. Currently she lives in Paris (France).

2012/ So Long / Bruno Mercier/ feature / in post -production /  production manager
2012/ The Clown / Jethro Massey / documentary / in development
2010/ How Martine Boulier lost her hands/Jethro Massey/ short fiction/ 9 min
2010/ Gabriel/ Vlatka Vorkapic/ documentary/ 80 min
2009/ Akvarel/ Vlatka Vorkapic/ documentary/ 50 min
2009/ Wireless/ Mario Kovac/ documentary/ 30 min
2008/ Zagorka/ Biljana Cakic Veselic/ documentary-fiction/ 86 min
2007/ Na Ex/ group of authors form the Region/ documentary series/ 4x30 min
2006/ Colors of the invisible/ Magdalena Petrovic/ documentary/ 31 min