Boris T. Matić

Boris T. Matić
Born in Doboj - Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1966. Studied psychology and journalism. He has been engaged in visual arts, marketing, event production and design, and, in cooperation with other authors, for his work has received several Croatian and foreign awards. From 1996, he is working as film producer. He is the founder, the first director and a co-owner of Motovun Film Festival, and since 2003 he has been the founder and director of Zagreb Film Festival, the largest film festival in Croatia. As of 2008 he has been running the cinema Europa in Zagreb through his engagement in ZFF. He has won 2 Golden Arena awards for best film in Pula Film Festival. He is the winner of the honorary plaques of the town of Motovun and City of Zagreb. He is a member of the European Film Academy and the Croatian Association of Producers.


Varšavska 3
10000 Zagreb
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1997. / MONDO BOBO, Goran Rušinović, feature film, 80 min.
2000. /CROATIA 2000 - WHO WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT, Rajko Grlić i Igor Mirković, feature documentary, 102 min.
2003. /THE ONE WHO WILL STAY UNNOTICED, Zvonimir Jurić, feature  film, 90 min.
2004. /SEX, BOOSE AND SHORT FUSE, Boris T. Matić, Zvonimir Jurić, Antonio Nuić, feature omnibus, 75 min.
2005. /GRAVEHOPPING, Jan Cvitkovič,  feature film, 103 min.
2006. /BORDER POST, Rajko Grlić, feature film, 91 min.
2006. /ALL FOR FREE, Antonio Nuić, feature film, 94 min.
2007. /BUICK RIVIERA, Goran Rušinović, feature film, 86 min.
2009. /ZAGREB STORIES, 9 authors, feature omnibus, 110 min.
2009. /DONKEY, Antonio Nuić, feature film, 90 min.