Benjamin Noah Maričak

Benjamin Noah Maričak
Benjamin Noah Maričak graduated Production of Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects (2023) at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, and before that completed undergraduate studies in Production at the Academy. Gained experience as a producer and author on many short fiction, documentary and animated films, many of which were shown and won awards at national and international film festivals. Executive producer, showrunner (co-writer) and creator of the fiction TV series for youth "The EU Office" which was shown many times on HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision). Producer and creator of the first Korean-Croatian short fiction film, "Crisis". Received a diploma for video game production at the first pilot program for lifelong education for video games in the Republic of Croatia - Edu4Games. Participated, in 2021, as the only Croatian representative at the Producer's Summit as part of Talents Sarajevo. Part of the professional jury for TV series, 2022 and 2023, at the Sarajevo Film Festival. At the Split Mediterranean Film Festival (2022), won first place at the public pitching forum. Currently works in the Chief Executives Office at the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC) for video games and new technologies. His desire is to continue working on international co-productions in the audiovisual field.

2020 / You Can Still Win / Marko Bičanić / documentary / 15 min / Producer 

2021 / Hotel Mom / Jozo Schmuch / documentary / 17 min / Producer

2021 / The EU Office / Marko Bičanić / fiction TV series / Executive producer, showrunner (co-writer) and creator

2021 / Crisis / Boris Vuković / fiction  / 15 min / Producer and creator

2023 / The Yes Group / Filip Dizdar / fiction TV series / in development / Producer and creator