Aleksandra Giljević

Aleksandra Giljević
Aleksandra Giljević was born on May 18, 1997 in Makarska (Croatia). After graduating from high school, in 2016 she enrolled in the undergraduate study of Production at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, and is currently in the second year of graduate studies in Production of audiovisual and multimedia projects. Aleksandra acquires production and operational knowledge since high school through continuous cooperation with the association Blank_filmskiinkubator, in whose feature projects she participates as a producer, production assistant and organizer. During her studies, she gained work experience in festival, advertising and film production, and has collaborated with productions Fade In, Intermedia Group, CED – MEDIA Office Croatia, The Croatian Association of Drama Artists (HDDU) and others.

2021. “New Kids on the Block“, director: Tadija Tadić, mid-lenght documentary, in production

2020. “White Christmas“ , director: Josip Lukić, short fiction,  26'47''

          “Santa Cruz“, director: Igor Jelinović, short fiction,  19'24''

2019. “Zoka's Creek“, director: Igor Jelinović, short fiction, 12'12''

2016. “Hana, Hana, Honey“, directors: Marko Bičanić, Karlo Vorih, short fiction, 12'05''

2015. “The Voicemail“, director: Leo Vitasović, medi-lenght feature, 27'06''